Trainee Practitioners


Trainee Practitioners Barnum & Baillie Smith leading a warm up during our Make A Scene project in August 2013.

We are always looking for Trainee Practitioners to work with us. To register you interest, please email us at:

Working with Stomping Ground has been an amazing experience. I have learnt so much working with Sian, planning sessions, leading sessions and directing. I have also been able to help and watch kids come alive through theatre. Stomping Ground not only helps younger actors to become better actors, but it is also place where youngsters can come alive with their imagination and be themselves. By being a trainee practitioner I learnt so much as an actor myself. Stomping Ground has been a real highlight for me and I would recommend it to anyone.

Arwen Raikes, Trainee Practitioner 2013-14

We launched our Trainee Practitioner Pilot Scheme in August 2013, with two trainees attached to our Make A Scene project. We have since had trainees attached to our Beginners group, and will be recruiting trainees for our Beginners workshops soon.

Under our remit of creating theatre by and for communities and young people, we believe that it is important to give training opportunities to anyone wanting to learn the skills necessary to become a theatre practitioner. In doing so we hope to create a new pool of skilled practitioners who can potentially extend Stomping Ground’s work in Shetland, both in schools and in community settings, and who may also gain employment with other companies & theatres elsewhere in the U.K.

Our trainees receive:

  • Practical experience in workshop leading with young people, the opportunity to lead games and exercises and to observe a rehearsal process.
  • Workshop planning guidance and training.
  • A structured learning pathway in which objectives are set, regular meetings and check ins occur and constant feedback is given. At the end of the training period, both the trainee and Stomping Ground evaluate the process and a meeting is set to discuss this.
  • Trainees are given travel expenses for any sessions they attend.

Please note:

  • There is a minimum commitment of half a term (5 sessions) with our Beginners Saturday classes. This is to ensure continuity of learning, as well as a build up of trust between both practitioners and participants. We are as flexible as possible with regards to other commitments, when reasonable notice is given.
  • We can only take on up to two trainees in any one term, so spaces are limited.
  • Trainees do not need to be PVG checked, however they do need to read, sign and adhere to our Child Protection Policy at all times, and will never be left unattended with a group of children.
  • There is no guarantee of work with Stomping Ground once a training process has been undertaken, but we do hope to extend our work in Shetland and as such will give opportunities where suitable.

So far, the pilot scheme has been run in conjunction with Shetland Arts Youth Theatre. We are now extending this opportunity to anyone who is 16 years and above. If you are interested in taking part in our pilot scheme, please contact us for more information.

“Working with Stomping Ground was the highlight of my summer holidays, I learnt so much about planning and running workshops for younger children from the week I spent there. I hope to be involved in the future.”

Baillie Smith, Trainee Practitioner for Make A Scene, August 2013.

“The best part of being a trainee for Stomping Ground was helping the children to grow, especially those who are usually shy, and shine through and realise what they were capable of! Being part of the team that helped create this experience confirmed for me that this is what I want to be doing for the rest of my life! I would love to work with Stomping Ground again in the future and would highly recommend any and everyone to do the same!”

Barnum Smith, Trainee Practitioner for Make A Scene, August 2013.