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discovering time capsule

Pupils at Olnafirth Primary in Shetland discover the contents of their time capsule, which was the stimulus for creating a play about the Victorian era

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Our Approach to Working with Schools…

Facilitating workshops in schools forms a large percentage of the work that we do. This work includes specialist drama residencies, regular after school clubs, support for school productions and one off drama workshops for an end of term treat.

At primary level, we believe that it is really important to allow our students to explore their own creativity, and place a lot of focus on them to create new stories and characters and in doing so help to improve their overall confidence and intuitiveness.  All sessions include fun games which really help to boost confidence and team dynamics. At the end of every term we work towards an informal performance, where families, friends and teachers can show their support.

At secondary level, all of the above applies, with the addition that we often place greater focus on professional theatre skills. Workshops may involve exploring acting technique, stage management skills and directing, under the guidance of professional theatre directors and practitioners.

We do plan sessions which complement the curriculum, but these are always practical and involve creating work using the students’ imaginations and drama skills. We believe that it is important to make time for theatre practice in school for its own sake.

We understand that every school has different requirements and we adapt to these as best we can. Every workshop is individually planned with ideas for class content taken from the school as well as the dynamics of the group.

It is our mission to give as many children as possible access to drama, no matter how much experience they have or where they are located geographically. Recently our Shetland based workshops have taken us on fantastic adventures to some of the most rural and isolated communities in the U.K.

We have been working with…


North Roe (Shetland) - Victorians Residency

Ollaberry (Shetland) - Tam O’Shanter (Robert Burns) Residency

Grove Road Hounslow (London) – After school drama club focusing on devising


In Spring 2014, the following schools were part of the Writing the North project with Shetland Museum and Archives. They created films based on the life and work of writers with Shetland connections, and we directed some of their scenes, as well as helped with acting & voiceover skills and narrative structure. You can see these films here:


Whalsay Junior High (Shetland) – Hugh MacDiarmid

Aith Junior High (Shetland) – John J Graham

Sandwick Junior High (Shetland) – Sir Walter Scott

Brae Junior High (Shetland) – Robert Alan Jamieson

Some examples of our work with schools for far…

Grove Road Primary, Hounslow (London)

We have been running regular after school drama clubs at Grove Road since September 2012. Our London based practitioner Anna works with KS1 and KS2 students exploring drama within the context of a variety of themes. So far these have included recreating classic children’s poems, our very own Grove Road Winter’s Tale, an improvised play about aliens and technology and a performance of Anna’s own play “Brave Flies”.

Here’s what Anna has to say about her work with Grove Road:

“In the workshops at Grove Road, we let creativity guide us. We play games and do activities based on movement, singing, improvisation and devising, all of which prepare us for an end of term performance for parents and teachers. I thoroughly enjoy drama at Grove Road! The children there have a lovely imagination and their show at the end of last term received very positive feedback from parents and teachers!”

And here’s what Grove Road have to say about us!

“Stomping Ground are reliable, professional and, most important of all, provide high quality drama experiences for children which they thoroughly enjoy. Parents love the fact that the children get to perform a play at the end of the period, and so do the children! Highly recommended.” (Ben Arnell, Headteacher)

Olnafirth Primary, Voe, Shetland

In the Autumn Term 2013 we ran a Victorians Residency at Olnafirth Primary. Their class of eight students worked with Sian to devise a performance which explored Victorian daily life, well known historical figures and poetry and literature from the period. The central focus for our work was a time capsule, in which we found a variety of Victorian objects and from which all our ideas were created. You can see an excerpt of Olnafirth’s script here:

The Victorians Script excerpt for website-page-001 The Victorians Script excerpt for website-page-002 The Victorians Script excerpt for website-page-003

And here are a few photos of their play…

timecapsule 2

Contents of our time capsule

street scene

A Victorian street scene

who will buy 2

Who Will Buy? from Oliver!


A physical theatre rendition of Edward Lear poems

Mrs Beeton

Mrs. Beeton judging a cooking competition


The fantastic backdrop created by the group in their art classes

If you are interested in creating a similar curriculum themed performance with your class, we can provide practitioners to work with you to devise a script using drama techniques. Please contact us for more information.

North Roe Primary, North Roe, Shetland

We spent five weeks up at North Roe in the Autumn Term 2013, running an after school drama club. The focus of the club was to learn new skills, build team working abilities and of course to have fun. During the final two sessions the group created their own story entitled “The Cottage”, which involved an old lady who lived in a cottage under the sea. Using key plot points from their story, the group chose characters and devised each scene themselves, and performed to an audience of friends and family at their final session. Here are a few photos from their play.

Rosie, the old lady’s daughter, enjoyed playing with sharks until the old lady killed them for fear of her being hurt.


Rosie had a pet blobfish called Bella and they went on adventures together. They rode
on giant seahorses and had dolphin friends. One seahorse was sparkly!


On their adventures they met a boy called Edward. He was Rosie’s long lost brother who was lost in a tsunami 10 years ago.

After this everyone was hungry, but they had run out of food. They only ate food from Pluto…well except Rosie who ate Brussels sprouts.

They all set off for Pluto but they took the wrong path and were heading towards the sun! It was really hot!

close to sun

Luckily a handsome prince came to save them and took them back to their cottage under the sea…


…Where they lived happily ever after, playing with the strange sea creatures once more.



Burravoe Primary, Yell, Shetland

We ran a drama residency at Burravoe in Autumn 2013. This was a residency designed to give the students a taste of something new, so we ran three lots of two hour sessions exploring a range of drama techniques including creating characters using our imaginations and our bodies, mime and soundscapes, and improvisation.

The students all said they had enjoyed our sessions and they had learnt a lot. We received these in the post, which was a lovely surprise!

thank you cards


We always offer a free trial session for any school thinking about working with us, so that you can try us out without committing to anything. Our trial sessions usually last for one hour and content will depend upon the needs of the school and the group of students. Please contact us for more information and to book.

In terms of our usual fees, we are flexible and understand that every school is different in terms of its funding arrangements. As a guide, our 2014 workshop rates for schools are in the region of £40 per hour and £60 for two hours, for up to 20 participants, and with bulk discounts available. Once agreed, our fees cover practitioner fees, travel (excluding ferry fares), administration and public liability insurance.


We are very flexible with timings, the only limitations being our own timetables and commitments with other schools and classes!